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Our Team

     Professional Racing Ontario Inc, (PRO) established in early 2013 by team owners Curtis Fox, Ian Macintyre, and Darryl Timmers with a combined 40 years of kart racing, auto racing, tuning, and development experience. PRO inc. will be operating as a race support team and a driver/mechanic development program. We also offer right-seat car coaching and auto racing coaching. We will ensure that you have a safe and rewarding experience on track in your personal vehicle or a race prepared car.  

   This is an organization that dedicates itself to developing future drivers physically and mentally for the next level of competition. We are working to develop a path for young aspiring drivers to make their racing career a reality, through good public relations, personal training, work ethic, communication, and professionalism. 

     PRO will work with families in karting and their drivers to develop the Father or Mothers mechanic and tuning skills off track, while providing the racer with the tools to succeed on track. We want to establish a program where drivers can develop their skills through testing and at the local club level; then apply these skills on a regional, national, and international level with PRO support. 


     We trust that our team of instructors will make you feel welcome and leave with a feeling of accomplishment. Whether this is after a one on one coaching session in a Corvette, or a karting race day with support, we always want the client to learn as much as possible.


Curtis Fox

Manager/Driver Instructor

Ian MacIntyre

Mechanic/Driving Instructor

Eric Gerrits

Driving Instructor/Mechanic.

Andrew Waring

Driving Instructor/Mechanic.

Gerald Caseley

Mechanic/Driving Instructor

Darryl Timmers

Manager/Driver Instructor


Gary Klutt

Mechanic/Driving Instructor


Spencer Todd

Driving Instructor/Mechanic.

Nick Waring

Driving Instructor/Mechanic.

Stefan Jeffrey 

Mechanic/Driving Instructor

Christopher Proietto

Mechanic/Driving Instructor

PRO founding management team pictured above, (left to right - Darryl Timmers, Curtis Fox, Ian MacIntyre.

2018 Supported Drivers

Senior Drivers
Junior Drivers

Aaron Attard


Kyle Attard


Steve Attard


Anthony Castro

Jennifer Gray


Kristian Jeffrey


Christopher Proietto 


Jared Ramnarayan

Austin Riley


Marco Signoretti


Ross Sortino


Kevin Stamco


Robert Wickens


Nuwan Wijeratne

Chad Webster

Nicolas Christodulu


Kai Dailziel


Khloe Drummond


Jayden Elphage

Matte Ferrari


Cole Hooton


Tim Knight


Jarret Lee


Andrew Maciel


Jacob Miles 


Matthew Miles 


Myles Morgan


Logan Ploder


Kenyon Stewart

Chad Webster






Reid Arnold

Adam Ali

Daniel Ali

Mark Davis


Chad Campbell 


Zach Claman DeMelo


Stuart Clark


Nico Fattore

Sebastian Fazzina


Giancarlo Filicetti 


Xavier Harris


Karter Hickling


Gary Klutt


Ryan Klutt


Matthew Latifi


Daniel Nunez

Justin Ovejero

Andrew Pajot


Marcello Paniccia

Domenico Petrucci 


Teagen Poles


Gavin Saunders


Nate Spinks


Elvis Stoijko


Stephen Szigeti


Jeremy Tallon

Brennan Taylor


Fred Woodley