Karting Services 
Race Day Track-side Support 

PRO Racing Ontario will be available for race day support during a predetermined race event schedule for each race season. The race day track-side support is offered at regional, national, international, and local club race events. Team Support at a race day event includes the following:

  • Pit spot under the team tent with a table 

  • Parts Trailer

  • Power hookup 

  • Air supply

  • Specialty tools

  • Driver coaching 

  • Data analysis station

  • Crash damage support 

  • Catering and hospitality  

Mechanic Services 

Professional Racing Ontario offers mechanic services at any race event for drivers that require a personal mechanic. The personal mechanic will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Kart maintenance and setup changes throughout race events/test days.

  • Delivering kart to grid during the day and retrieval from the weigh scales.

  • General driver coaching and data analysis during race events/ test days.

Driver Coaching

Driver Coaching is offered on a private level from a qualified instructor. All Instructors have an extensive and experienced kart racing background. Coaching is offered with the following different options at individual pricing:

  • Coaching 1 on 1 with instructor observing from track side, reviewing data and video.

  • Coaching with instructor in separate kart for lead follow exercises.

  • Group Coaching is offered if drivers want to share instructor fee's 

  • Online booking is available. 

Kart Maintenance + Storage  & Transport 

Full Service kart maintenance is available and includes the following services :

  • Chassis Rebuild including Chassis Straightening

  • Frame Swap to New Chassis incl. parts cleaning + inspection

  • General Kart Maintenance

Kart Storage is available in limited numbers inside the team race trailer during the season. Pricing on storage is charged on a monthly basis. During the off season storage is also available monthly inside the race trailer or team shop.  

Kart Transport  is offered to all race events in Canada and the USA.

Briggs & Stratton Engine Maintenance 

Pro Racing Ontario Engine Service is equipped to fully maintain, dyno, and tune your Briggs & Stratton Racing Engine. The following services are available:

  • Engine Rebuild (Complete: includes – carb clean + setup, valve cut, valve lap + measure & set)

  • Engine Leak Down Test (check for cylinder head compression and valve leak) 

  • Engines Blueprinting and Dyno 

  • New Engine Assembly + Engine Break-in (includes – carb setup, valve cut, valve lap + measure & set)

  • Short Block Swap