FreeM Sensitive D07K shoe

The D07K karting pair of shoes made of eco-leather that joint comfort and breathability thanks to the holed rear part; a pad for better abrasion resistence has been added on the external side of shoes, while the inner insole is in nylon joints with a vibro-absorber material.

Sensitive karting shoes are available in two versions:

Sensitive shoes D07k standard: available in blue-navy/silver or black/silver and in standard sizes (without the shoelaces cover).

Sensitive shoes D08k customized in leather: available in a wide range of leather colours and in special sizes, they can be with or without the shoelace cover.

Sensitive Freem® shoes are 100% made in Italy

Please Contact a representative from PRO Racing Ontario if you are interested in the custom D08K shoe so your colour customization can be recorded.
Shoe Type